Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions carefully before using the website ppptok.com. The page outlines the rules & regulations to browse and use the website.

You agree to accept the outlined terms and conditions by accessing and browsing the website. You must stop using ppptok.com if you don’t agree to the term & conditions outlined on the page.

On the terms & conditions page, certain terminologies are used. Here, Client, You and You are referred to the person using the website and compliant with the site’s terms & conditions. We, Our, Us, Company refers to the company or website. Parties, Us and Party, refers to both ourselves and our clients.

All terms & conditions refer to the acceptance, offer, and consideration of payment required to make the process of assisting the clients aptly. All terms and conditions adhere to the Netherlands’ prevailing law.


The website ppptok.com uses cookies for the delivery of better services. By accessing ppptok.com, you agree to accept the cookies terms and agreement set by ppptok.com.

Interactive sites use cookies to extract users’ details. We use them to enhance the functionality of different sections. Our advertising partners may also use cookies.


Ppptok.com and all its licensors hold intellectual property rights for all content and material published on the website. The rights are reserved, and users can use the information for personal; use subject to restrictions in these terms and conditions. Users are restricted from:

  • Republishing material of ppptok.com
  • Sub-license, rent or sell any material of ppptok.com
  • Duplicate, reproduce or redistribute content and material from ppptok.com

Sub-sections offer the option to exchange or post opinions and materials in specific areas of the site. The site never edits, filter, publish or review comments before their presence on our site. Comments, testimonials and reviews won’t affect the opinions and views of ppptok.com and its affiliates.

Ppptok.com reserves all rights to edit, remove and monitor all the testimonials and comments considered offensive, inapt and may breach the terms of use.


Certain organizations are allowed to link our website without prior approval or notice, including:

  • News firms
  • Search engines
  • Government agencies
  • Digital directory distributors
  • Accredited businesses, excluding NGOs, charity firms, and fundraising groups

These firms are allowed to link the homepage to websites and publications. But it must not be hyperlinked in any form that is deceptive, falsely imply sponsorship, approval of linking party or endorsement of products and services.

The following organizations are required prior approval before hyperlinking our website.

  • Internal websites
  • Business information sources
  • Associations representing charities
  • Dot com community websites
  • Consulting, law and accounting firm
  • Education firms and trade associations

The request for approval is given based on certain factors.

  • The link must not be unfavorable to the website or its affiliates
  • The firm must be free of negative records
  • Benefit for the website from the visibility
  • The hyperlink must be for general information only


You cannot create any frames around our website without prior approval. You are not allowed to create frames that change the site’s appearance and presentation.

Content Liability

Ppptok.com holds no rights or liability for any content shared on the website. Visitors agree that they will not make any claims and defend us against any claims raised on the site. We don’t support, promote or accept links on the website that are obscene, defamatory, criminal or violate infringement and other party’s rights.

Reservation of Rights

Ppptok.com holds the right to remove and change all links or content on the website with or without prior notice. Parties agree to remove the links immediately after requesting. We hold the right to change the terms of use and linking policy at any time. By linking our website, you agree to accept the linking policy.

Removal of Links

Any visitors who find any inapt link on ppptok.com that is offensive or illegal for any reason, approach us via email anytime. We will put all efforts into removing those illicit links from the website immediately. We accept a request for link removal from visitors.

The information shared on the website is only for general purposes, and we don’t take reasonability for its accuracy and completeness. We ensure that the material on the website is updated regularly for quality and informational content for the visitors.